About Us

When we first stepped into the empty space that was once a family-run General Store, we were entranced with the possibilities of revitalizing a space that was once a community hub in Blockhouse.

The week we purchased the property, the pandemic was declared. While our plans for a bustling space full of people of all ages had to be revisited during lockdowns, we still found innovative ways to serve the community even as we continued with major renovations and improvements.

Now we can realize more of our goals, with extensive edible and ornamental gardens, workshops, community meeting rooms, bike rentals, lending library and tool library, film screenings, music and literary events and private catered parties.

Our dynamic team includes an enthusiastic range of ages and skill sets including a farmer/filmmaker, students of sustainability and anthropology, bakers, musicians, actors, amazing baristas and our resident intellectual. All of us are happy to see Chicory Blue become your favourite space and we are happy to hear about what else you’d like to find here. 

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